Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Prom was a blast! From being a senior class officer and learning to appreciate dances, programs, and such I learned what it takes to go to prom. For me the whole prom experience started off at the beginning of junior year. We started fund raising and picking out the prom site. Then it seems like millions of hours, $11,000 of fund raising, $30 a prom ticket, and selling around 380 tickets we were at prom. It was a wonderful experience and I loved going with the whole group! especially my dearest cousin Coty! (I am glad that you decided to come!) I also had a blast with my date Morgan. It was a wonderful end of my senior year and high school career. It is also the start of something (to be seen in future posts). Here are the pictures! Enjoy! ♥Becca

The Temple Theatre

Before prom...thanks for doing my hair Rachael and My mom...

The girls and I

The whole group (12 of us)
Starting on the left: Melissa Koontz, Coty Thomas, Anna Nelson, CJ Fitzpatrick, Becca McNeil, Patrick Favro, Maria Dion, Ben McNeil, Dion French, TJ Rockwood, Me, and Morgan Willis.

The Girls
From left: Melissa, Anna, Becca (M), Maria, Dion, and me (Becca B)

The Guys...
From left: TJ, Coty, Morgan, Ben, CJ, and Pat

Melissa and I

Andy and I at the dance

Morgan (my date) and I at the dance!

Erin Ann and I at the dance.

And Evie and I at the dance.