Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is the plane of never ending...bathroomers?

Ok so this is Becca for all of those who don't know. On my families recent vacation to Hawaii, which was amazing, we had the privileged to ride on Alaska Airlines to our destination. So we leave home not knowing what is coming before us. So we go get our tickets, are boarding on the plane then realize, wait we are in the very as far as you can get away from the pilot (I think they may have been trying to tell us something). As a part of being all the way in the back on row number 30 as I can recall you are right next to (dun dun dun...) THE BATHROOM. Not only did we decide that it was and is toxic, but everyone and their companion for the plane ride all had to come too. I am so surprised that the plane can actually hold it all. We would get a whiff of it every time the door would open.

Secondly I happened to be on the isle seat. Just make sure next time you go on an airplane and go to the bathroom you don't stick you butt in the isle seat persons face. Not to sound rude or anything but its GROSS!! and some people on the plane would totally burst the bubble with their butt.

Third of all have you ever noticed how the flight attendants keep bringing you beverages? This is one of the reasons their was such a stampede of people trying to get to the bathroom in the first place.

Then last of all how dumb can people be? I had to show (almost every passenger including my dad who is a pilot) how to open the door, when their is a big sign that says press here. You would catch people trying to open the door with the cigarette ash tray by pulling on it instead of just pushing on the big sign that said push. (In the beginning after I noted this issue, we were talking to the flight attendant and joking about it, so he demo'd it for us and lo and behold someone was in there. The lady came out flustered and he apologized. The moment was pretty much priceless though.) Refer to last picture for visual.

Anyways that is my experience on the plane to and from Hawaii, maybe next time if you are fortunate enough to sit down by the bathrooms, get peoples butts in your face, and have toxic smells all around you all through out the plane, maybe you will think of this blog and be inspired to share your story with the rest of us.

Yours truly,


Right after we figured out we were by...the bathroom (we didn't know what was coming for us)

This is right after we had to show my dad aka pilot how to open the bathroom.

One of our many lovely comics drawn during our flight

It didn't smell so great, the toxic waist polluting the air
(note if you could see it in the air the picture would be all foggy green)

I think this picture speaks for itself...(I also explained this in one of my earlier paragraphs)

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I think most of you know that we have been planning to go to Hawaii before Becca left for school. Well, the day finally came. We were all so excited to go. My girls found out where the best spot on the airplane is to sit. I will let them blog that.

I found a house on the internet to stay in instead of a hotel room. We started driving to Ewa Beach where the house was. Ewa was looking nice and everything was going pretty good. We turned on to Ewa Beach Road and the houses weren't looking so good. Boy, it doesn't take to long for everyone to turn against you when they thought they had to stay here for a week. We kept on driving down the road and things started looking better. To our pleasant surprise the house was really nice and cute. She had a fruit basket, pog, milk and muffins all there waiting for us. Boogie boards, masks, snorkels, beach chairs, towels and everything else you could want came with the house. Then everyone was telling me how great of a place it was. It was a great beach house that was 100 steps from the beach. Great beach that didn't hardly have anyone on it. We played there every day after we came back to the house.


We were so excited to be here. We decided that we were going to go Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.

After listening to their movie, Tracey loved it, we finally got our things down to the beach. We got all the masks ready and fins. We brought boogie boards so Brett could just lay on it and enjoy the fish. I went out with Brett and Rachael. All I heard from Brett was "I am going to die!" Me being the most patient mother said, "No your not, put your head down and look at the fish." That went back and forth for awhile and we went back to the beach. We had a great time on the beach and the rest had a great time in the water.
After we were done we found a place that sold shaved ice. Brett got his first and didn't even get it to the table and part of it fell on the floor. So when Rachael did the some thing, Brett thought it was pretty funny.


We went to the Dole Plantation.

While we were there we bought a pineapple split. Becca and Rachael bought two of them at first. Everyone was looking at them because they were so big. Rachael decided that it is now her favorite ice cream.

At the plantation they have a maze that was the world's biggest maze in 2001. We divided up into three groups to see who could do the maze the fastest. Tracey and Brett, Gayle and Brandon, Rachael and Becca. Becca and Rachael looked like this pretty much the whole time. I think they found 3 stations. Tracey and Brett found 2 stations and of course Brandon and I found all six of the stations. We ruled.

We continued on the the Polynesian Cultural Center. We had fun going through all of the countries. In Tahiti Tracey got volunteer to show us his coconut husking skills. Actually he did quite well. Then he volunteered me to make coconut bread. It tasted pretty good.

We ate at the Luau. We decided that poi and raw fish didn't taste very good.

We had a great day at the PCC


We went to the swap meet to see what treasures we could find. All of us found all kinds of stuff. The first place that we went had necklaces like the ones Becca and Rachael had bought at the PCC. It was so funny because they were 4 for $10. They had just paid $13 for one. All we heard all day is, at least we were supporting the BYU students.

We found this just for you Lorri. We thought this was so good for Shark Fest

We went to the Arizona. It make us once again feel gratitude in our hearts for the sacrifices that were made. We are thankful for living in a free country.


We did the North Shore. We went to Waimea Beach, had a lot of fun.

We had shrimp on the side of the road. It was really good. We drove to Laie and played at the beach, of course wanted to see the temple too. We didn't look like we should be on the temple grounds but the missionaries said we looked just fine.

When we were there a big rain storm that came through. We even had to go and find some cover. It is so nice that when they have rain it only lasts for a couple of minutes. Of course on the way home we had to stop at the Dole plantation and get some more pineapple split.


We hiked up to Diamond Head. The view was beautiful.

We also hiked to Manoa Falls. The hike was pretty. We went through a bamboo forest. The kids thought the end was a big disappointment though. Not to much of a falls.

We drove to Honolulu and walked down Waikiki beach. We were so glad that we had our nice little quiet beach at Ewa. We found some more treasures in the international market.

Last Day

The whole week was so much fun it was hard to leave. Thank you so much Tracey for taking us to Hawaii. It is truly on of our favorite vacation.